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Psoriasis – The Itch You Can’t Scratch

ptiycKaren’s knees and elbows are red and scaly. Her mother helps her bathe and moisturize with her favorite cream every day after breakfast and every night before bedtime.

Susan’s skin from head to toe is itchy, red, and flaky. Every day, she soaks at least twice in the tub (and it feels so good she’d like to stay in it forever) and applies her prescription moisturizer. She has to visit her dermatologist (a physician who specializes in the skin) once a month for an ultraviolet light treatment. She resents the time her skin care takes and is afraid that it may be this way all her life.

Dave is …

Exploring Space Was A Landmark Move

eswalIn 1988, astronauts aboard the space shuttle looked down on South America and saw a 1,000-kilometer-long smoke cloud that covered the entire Amazon basin and was only stopped by the towering wall of the Andes mountains. The haze of smoke came from the burning of the Amazon rain forest, a region containing the world’s greatest variety of plants and animals. That vast spread of smoke was clearly visible to the astronauts, who were in a unique position to see how and where humans are altering natural ecosystems on planet Earth.

That is precisely what scientists plan to learn by using space to take an inventory of natural resources and …

Vitamins E And D: You Need Them!

vedStay out of the sun! It’s bad for your health! There are a lot of words of caution being spoken these days about overexposure to the sun, and they should be taken seriously. But sunshine, despite its potentially harmful effects, is good for your health. Exposure to the sun’s rays will provide you with a vitamin that helps keep your teeth and bones healthy. It’s Vitamin D, also known as the “sunshine vitamin.” When you go outdoors on a sunny day, the inactive vitamin is formed and this is slowly converted into an active form.

You can get vitamin D from some foods, but up to 84 percent of …

Listen To What Your Body Has To Say

bhtsDo you remember the last time your body, all by itself, decided it had something to say?

Was it in algebra class, while you stood in front of the class at the blackboard solving a complicated problem? Your stomach decided it was just the right time for a long, low growl.

How about that time in the theater, when a master blast from your intestines broke the silence?

Then there was that memorable moment in the lunchroom when a run of hiccups took on a life of its own.

By the way, did you play the starring role in a movie called “Burps in the Library, Part III”?

Yes, we’ve …

Fractures And Breaks – Different Problem, Same Pain

A fracture is a fracture is a fracture. Right? Not really. The simplest definition of a fracture is a break in a bone. This break may be completely through the bone or only part way. Any bone in the body, including the tiny bones in the ear, can be fractured, and the most common causes are failing, auto accidents and sports injuries.

Bones can fracture in different ways as a result of a blow, sudden forceful muscle contraction, or prolonged muscular stress. Some fractures heal quickly and easily, but others require surgery and a long recovery. Tony, for example, was injured playing football. He suffered a spiral fracture in his …

Eating For Exercise Is Simply Different

efesdohn runs two miles every day.

Sue does aerobics three times a week for an hour.

Nick plays basketball and trains every day during the season.

Maria plays tennis twice a week all year round.

These days it seems as though everyone has some sort o fitness program. Whether it’s running or aerobics, basketball or tennis, people have caught on to idea of staying fit.

If one aspect of fitness is exercise, another – nutrition – is sometimes neglected. in addition, ideas about proper nutrition for those who exercise change from time to time as more information about the body is discovered.

All Kinds of Ways

There are all …

Introvert Vs. Extrovert: The Battle Wages On

iveIf you could design your own personality, would you rather be lively, outgoing, and the center of attention, or quiet, thoughtful, and private?

It would not be surprising if you opted for the first description. You would have lots of company. According to some estimates, there are three times as many lively extroverts in the United States as reflective introvers. Our society prefers fun-loving, friendly people with “good personalities” over quiet, private types.

Is one style really better than the other? Do we have a choice?

Psychiatrist Carl Jung first proposed the theory of personality types in the 1920s. He said we all have two different ways of …

Drugs: Some Help, Some Not So Much

drugsIt was going to be a special day in Tom’s science class today, with no lesson, but with a guest lecturer. Ross Evans, a professor from the school of pharmacy at the local university, was coming to talk about medications, and Tom’s teacher was offering extra credit to students who showed initiative in asking questions and participating in the discussion. Tom had watched a TV program the night before about the brain. On the show, it was mentioned that many drugs affected the brain, sometimes in a way that helped and other times in a harmful way. Tom had some questions to ask.

At the end of the talk, Tom …

Your Eyes And Nose: Protect Them

yeynsYour eyes are bloodshot and itchy. Your nose is stuffy. Or runny. You probably have a late winter cold or an early spring allergy. Either way, you need relief! But before you take over-the-counter or prescription medicine to relieve your symptoms, here are some things you should know.

The Eyes Have It

Nonprescription eye drops come in several forms. One is called artificial tears, used for cleansing and moisturizing the eye. The other kind, called a vasoconstrictor, is used to get the red out of bloodshot eyes.

Artificial tears are recommended for people with dry eyes. This ailment might be a natural result of the aging process or be caused …

What The Heck Is A Zoonose? The Answer Will Surprise

wthazPlague. Fever, chills, swelling in the armpit and groin area, large dark spots on the skin: These are symptoms of a disease that was once so dreadful its very name has become synonymous with anything that causes serious illness or trouble Plague, or Black Death, killed many thousands of people during epidemics that date back to ancient times. What was the cause of such destruction of human lives? A common flea. You normally think of a flea as being a pest found on cats and dogs. But it was the flea that, through its bite, spread plague from an infected rate to a human.

Plague is only one of the …